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U profiles

The U-profile will work perfectly as a “shock absorber” to your products. It is intended to protect surfaces from scratching and damage during transport, without adding any extra volume or weight to the cargo. This fully recyclable cardboard protection is a perfect multi-purpose and eco-friendly solution for many applications (doors, windows, countertops, panels, pipes, profiles, etc.). We can also customise it by adding high-quality print and additional padding to your packaging.



  • The U-profile protects products and holds them together.
  • Two U-profiles will comprise a robust box used in transport
  • Corners can be trimmed in order to transform the U-profile into a frame.
  • The Flex Profile protects products with irregular shapes.
  • It acts like a shock absorber for door openings, stairs or equipment during renovation or repair work.


  • Durable 
  • Available in various overlay versions 
  • Eco-friendly


  • We offer U-profiles with a total leg length (2a+b) up to 240 mm

Market sectors:

  • Furniture production 
  • Industry 
  • Transport

 u profil