The entrepreneur received assistance under the government program called: "Assistance to energy-intensive sectors related to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in 2023."


Endless usage possibilities with durability up to 10 tons.

Pallet foot - PallRun® is a lightweight and durable construction. Providing an infinite number of applications. For example as a divider for displays, distance between products or pallet foot with the possibility of attaching to any flat surface thanks to the Hot-melt. Unlike wood, it does not require heat treatment, it fulfills the ISPM15 phytosanitary standards.




  • A wide range of applications: divider, distance, pallet foot
  • Meets ISPM15 phytosanitary requirements
  • Available with a Hot-melt
  • Made entirely of paper, so it can be recycled
  • Durable
  • Ecological

Market sectors:

  • Consumer products
  • Advertisement
  • Electronics
  • Industry
  • Transport

Dariusz Nowak

Business Development Manager
Phone: +48 512 942 938
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