The entrepreneur received assistance under the government program called: "Assistance to energy-intensive sectors related to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in 2022."

We take care of the natural environment, we revive waste paper!

The neighbourhood of the company – charming places covered with the nature programme 2000 obliges us to apply the newest techniques and solutions excluding negative impact on the environment. Modern oil-gas boiler room and innovative technology of waste water treatment, which guarantees re-use of waters for production should be mentioned here. Control of the manufacturing process on each stage allows for gaining record low emission of pollutants whilst significant growth of the production. All activities are conducted on the basis of integrated permit, water permit and permission for participation in trading system of the community with authorization for emission of greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, strictly regulating the range and possibilities of using the natural environment.

Products offered by Packprofil are made from waste paper arose in other companies as useless waste or they come from companies collecting secondary raw materials. The waste paper, owing to us gains “the second life”, as it finds its another use. By virtue of the origin of the material, of which our products are made – that is waste paper – all products offered by the Company are recyclable/reusable and to a great extent after usage, they can be recycled again. They are subject to almost 100% recycling. Additionally, Packprofil as waste paper recycler, states the fact with documents confirming recovery and recycling.